1966 UFO Interview with Colonel Laurence Tacker & Major Hector Quintanilla Project Blue Book

Lt Colonel Laurence Tacker and Major Hector Quintanilla speak about Project Blue Book and UFO phenomena in the United States in 1966

A rare interview that speaks with Lt Colonel Laurence Tacker, former Chief spokesman for the Air Force on UFO phenomena and Major Hector Quintanilla, Chief of Project Blue Book.

Project Blue Book was formed in 1953 with two primary objectives, firstly to try and determine if UFO phenomena presented a threat to the security of the United States, secondly, to determine if UFO phenomena exhibited any technological advances which could be turned into research and development.

By the time of this interview in 1966, it was confirmed that from over 10,000 UFO cases being handled from Wright-Patterson Air Force base, 644 remained unidentified.

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