27 Cows Killed In Freak Accident By Lightning Strikes In Saskatchewan, Canada

A farming family has said that 27 of their cattle were killed in a lightning strike that has been described as an exceptionally "rare occurrence" in Canada's southwest Saskatchewan province.

Some of the dead cows seen along the fence line
Some of the dead cows seen along the fence line

A family of farmers have spoken out about their heartbreak after almost 30 of their cattle were said to have been killed by a lightning strike, describing the incident as "the worst thing" they have ever seen on their farm.

Glen Briere, the farm owner, recalled when he arrived at the spot of the mass death, "it made me sick to my stomach to see what I had seen."

The family explained how the weather had turned stormy on Friday and they discovered the dead cattle two days later.

Mr Briere said: "It was Friday night when that storm we had caused very severe lightning. The lightning most definitely hit the fence."

The dead cattle consisted of 14 cows, 13 calves, and one herd sire, all the dead animals were littered along a fence in their field.

Mr Briere and his wife Darla, were away for the weekend when the incident happened. It was Mr Briere's brother-in-law who found the dead cattle when he was doing his checks on Sunday.

The local farming family now faces a large financial loss from the unexpected death of their cattle as well as the emotional strain that this has put on them.

Mr Briere said: "A guy tries to build up for years and years. You get a cow herd built up and then something like this comes along. Naturally, it always takes some of the better ones, which happened here."

Mrs Briere said: "We didn't just lose the cows that are laying there. There's babies inside of them.

"And there's mothers now that don't have babies and there's babies that don't have mothers. It affects the whole herd.

The family told reporters that among the cattle, only the herd sire was insured.

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