A Mysterious Fleet Of UFOs Filmed From A Plane Over The Bay Of Bengal

This astonishing footage was captured from the window of a plane whilst flying over the Bay of Bengal in India and shows a huge collection of bright spheres glowing in the skyline.

This video was circulated online in 2021, however, it was recorded in 2017 and the man who captured the video footage kept it to himself until this year.

The man who recorded the footage said that he did not publish it until he had seen similar videos online, at the time of the recording he was on a plane that was flying from Bangkok to New Delhi on August 10, 2017.

Whilst flying over the Bay of Bengal, he captured this fascinating footage of dozens of bright spheres, which are believed to have been at an approximate altitude of 8-10 thousand metres, the place was flying at an altitude of 12 thousand metres at the time.

Well known Ufologist and researcher, Scott Waring analysed the video footage and said:

"I carefully analysed the video showing a fleet of spheres of light and saw that when zoomed in, some of the luminous spheres passed behind the clouds and disappeared for a few seconds. This is 100% proof that the objects are outside the window and are not reflections inside the plane".

"Many years ago I saw another video of a similar event, but this video is more descriptive. It is very rare for an alien fleet to rise above the clouds. There must be a hundred or more. 100% proof of the existence of aliens on Earth".

This video has caused quite a stir within the UFO community and appears to have been difficult for the sceptics to debunk or explain. Was this video a fleet of alien spaceships? That we don't know, the video however is certainly very interesting and we would love to hear your opinions on it in the comments sections below.

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