Interview With James Gilliland: Alien Fleet Enters Our Solar System & The Collapse Of The Deep State

According to James Gilliland a large fleet of extraterrestrial spacecraft have entered our solar system to oversee a change in how our planet and solar system are run.

James Gilliland is relatively well known within the UFO circuit and claims he was been in contact with extraterrestrial entities since childhood.

In this interview with Michael Salla from Exopolitics, James Gilliland discusses the collapse of the Deep State and regressive ETs.

He also makes some bold claims about his previous encounters with beings from a higher dimension and gives his opinion on how many more people will soon have contact from these extraterrestrial entities.

James Gilliland runs the ECETI retreat in Mt Adams, Washington, where UFO conferences are frequently held and visitors can apparently regularly watch UFO activity.

Let us know your opinions on this interview in the comments section below. Now you have watched the James Gilliland interview, make sure you check out the full length interview on Area 51 with Bob Lazar.


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