Amazing Photographs Capture Two Eagles Fighting In Poland

These shocking images show two real-life angry birds fighting with each other in Poland. It is rare to capture such an incident between two magnificent birds such as these.

Eagles fighting in Poland
PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News

These amazing images were taken by 33-year-old photographer, Jessica Blokland van Diën, from Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Netherlands.

When Jessica left the Netherlands on a road trip to photograph these magnificent creatures even she didn't expect to return with such exciting pictures.

Eagles Fighting
PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News

She said: "In the Netherlands, we have about a dozen white-tailed eagles spread over the country but seeing them is quite rare and if you see them it is usually high up in the sky or from a far distance and almost never more than two at the same time."

"Being intrigued by these powerful creatures I made it my mission to capture them."

"I drove all the way to central Poland, where a lot of eagles come together in the wintertime, to try to capture them from a hide."

"I’ve spent three days in the hide and at some point, there were 25 eagles in front of it, some of them only a few meters away."

Eagles in vicious fight
PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News

"Even though they come together does not mean they are social creatures. If an eagle came too close to another bird or tried to steal its food it would turn out into a fight sometimes between several birds at once."

"The fights look very aggressive but it is more showing off who is boss than wounding each other what you see in the photos is mostly powerplay between one and other."

"Seeing and capturing these animals truly is an amazing experience."

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