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Antonio Vilas Boas: The farmer who claimed to have been abducted and forced to mate with an alien

A farmer who later became an attorney who stood by his lifelong claim that he was abducted by aliens and forced to mate with a female ET to create a hybrid baby.

Antonio Vilas Boas alien abduction
Antonio Vilas Boas claimed in 1957 he was abducted and force to have sexual intercourse with a female alien

October 16, 1957, in São Francisco de Sales, Brazil, 23-year-old farmer Antonio Villas Boas was working the night shift ploughing fields to avoid the scorching daytime temperatures, when he saw what he later described as a "red star" in the sky, he claimed that this "star" came towards him, getting bigger the closer it got before appearing as a circular aerial craft with a red light on the front of it.

Boas claimed that the unexplained craft landed in the field whilst extending three "legs" almost like a tripod prior to touching down on the floor, he said that he attempted to flee the scene in his tractor but it's engine died almost straight away before attempting to escape on foot.

He then proceeded to make the startling claim that he was apprehended by a five-foot tall humanoid, who was dressed in grey overalls and a helmet. Boas claimed that the being made yelping type noises instead of speech and had small blue eyes, he then stated that three similar beings helped subdue him before dragging him inside the recently landed craft.

Once inside the craft, Boas said that he was stripped naked and covered in a strange mucus type gel, before being taken into a large semi-circular room, in the doorway he claims to remember seeing red symbols (which he later reproduced for the authorities who investigated his claims) He said that the beings then proceeded to take samples of blood from his chin before taking him to another room where he was left alone for approximately 30 minutes.

Boas claims that whilst he alone that a strange type of gas was pumped in the room which made him quickly feel very ill. He states that shortly after this he was joined by another humanoid being, however, this one was female, he claims she was naked and very attractive with a small pointed chin, large, clue catlike eyes and long white hair, whilst claiming her underarm and pubic hair were bright red. He reported that he was made to have sexual intercourse with her.

After the "mating" process was over, Boas claims that the unknown female smiled at him, rubbed her belly and gestured towards the sky, he states that he believed this to be her way of telling him she was going to raise their child in space.

He then went onto claim that he was given his clothes back and the three beings who dragged him onto the ship then gave him a guided tour of the craft, he said that he had attempted to take a clock-like device from the craft as to try and prove where he had been, he told investigators that the beings noticed him attempting to take the item and stopped him from doing so. After being escorted off the craft, Boas claims he stood in the field and watched it take off and disappear into the night sky, upon returning home he realised that four hours had passed by. Whether you believe his story or not, he stuck by it for the rest of his life, Boas went on to become a lawyer, he got married and had four children and he stood by his story until he died on January 17, 1991.

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