Armed Bank Robber Arrested In Spain For Holding Up Four Banks At Gunpoint

Spanish authorities have arrested a man on suspicion of carrying out four violent bank robberies in the Albacete area of Spain.

A court has ordered that the suspect be remanded in custody until his trial
A court has ordered that the suspect be remanded in custody until his trial

The suspect was arrested just after robbing a bank in Minaya, a municipality in Albacete, Castile-La Mancha. The man is currently in police custody, the Guardia Civil said on Saturday, August 13.

The Guardia Civil said the man was arrested as part of operation "Acuapalo", and the suspect is believed to be responsible for four bank robberies in the Albacete towns of Barrax, Madrigueras, and Minaya.

The first robbery took place last May in the town of Barrax. The suspect allegedly entered the bank wearing bright fluorescent clothing, with his face hidden by a mask and woolen hat. A bank employee was threatened with a firearm before being tied up as the robber escaped with €8,765.

The second robbery took place in July last year in another bank in Madrigueras, the suspect used the same tactic and this time left with €2,540.

After the second robbery, the Guardia Civil launched operation "Acuapalo" and started running surveillance on the suspect.

The suspect then attempted a robbery in the town of Minaya and failed, but he returned the following day and carried out the heist before being later arrested by police.

When the suspect was arrested he was found to be in possession of a pistol, and a plastic bag containing around €1,500 that had been taken from the cash register at the last bank he had robbed.

He appeared in La Roda Magistrate's court where he was been ordered to be held in custody until his trial.

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