At Least 10 Dead & 250 Injured As Crane Drops Tank Full Of Toxic Gas On Ship At Jordanian Port

Video footage shows the moment a crane dropped a tank full of toxic chlorine onto a ship in the port city of Aqaba, Jordan. So far it has been confirmed that at least ten people have been killed and more than 250 injured.

Ten people have been confirmed as dead and a further 251 injured after a toxic gas tank was dropped onto a ship in a Jordanian port, causing it to explode. Dramatic video footage shows workers at the port lifting the tank onto a container ship in the southern port city of Aqaba when it slipped from the hook, exploded, and spread toxic fumes around the area.

Port workers were attempting to place the tank on a container ship, which according to officials was full of chlorine that was due to be shipped overseas. The video shows workers attempting to flee from the spreading fumes. The Jordan Times said that the leak was caused by a technical malfunction in the switch of the 1,500-litre chlorine cylinder.

A CDD statement said that their teams administered first aid to the injured and transferred them to Karak and Princess Salma hospitals.

The directorate said authorities sealed off the area following the evacuation of the injured and sent specialist teams in to address the situation.

Local health official, Dr Jamal Obeidat has urged locals to stay inside and keep windows and doors closed. The closest residential area is 15 miles away, but it is unknown how far the toxic fumes could potentially spread.

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