At Least 16 Killed And 150 Injured After Huge Fire Causes Multiple Explosions At Container Plant

Mass casualties have been confirmed after a huge fire ripped through a container plant, causing violent explosions that shattered the windows of nearby houses in Bangladesh. At least 16 people have died and over 150 have been injured, some seriously.

An injured victim is brought to a hospital after the blast
An injured victim is brought to a hospital after the blast

More than 150 people have been left injured and at least 16 have died after a huge fire swept through a container depot in Bangladesh.

The fire caused multiple explosions on Saturday night at a container facility in the town of Sitakunda, southeast Bangladesh.

The explosions were so powerful that nearby houses had their windows shattered.

Firefighters were still trying to put the fire out on Sunday morning as they had struggled to get it under control - at least one firefighter has been hurt in the blaze, officials said.

Out of the injured, some of them, including a policeman, are in a critical condition in hospital.

Mohammed Elias, a civil surgeon from Chittagong has appealed to all local doctors to help the situation and has also requested emergency blood donations.

The cause of the fire has not been officially confirmed, but authorities have said they believe it may have started in a container of hydrogen peroxide and then spread from there.

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