At Least 59 Dead And Millions Stranded After Huge Floods In Bangladesh & India

Millions of people have lost their homes and dozens have been killed following huge floods in Bangladesh and north-eastern India.

Bangladesh Floods
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The AFP news agency has reported that at least 59 people have been killed due to huge floods that have rocked the area.

The news agency reported that at least 21 people have been killed in Bangladesh due to lightning storms, while the others were lost to floods, lightning, and landslides in India.

India and Bangladesh Floods

Authorities said on Saturday that the Army has been brought in to rescue thousands of people stranded by floods which has cut transport links.

Although flooding in Bangladesh occurs often, experts have said that climate change is increasing their frequency, unpredictability, and ferocity.

Since Thursday, two million people have watched as their homes were submerged in flood waters, the state's disaster management agency said.

India and Bangladesh Floods

One of Asia's largest rivers, the Brahmaputra, breached its mud embankments, flooding 3,000 villages and croplands in 28 of Assam's 33 districts.

Water levels are rising in all the major rivers across Bangladesh, according to a statement given by the flood and forecasting warning centre in Dhaka.

The government of Bangladesh has described the flooding as the country's worst since 2004, made much worse by the runoff from heavy rain across the Indian mountains.

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