Australian Man Killed By His Pet Kangaroo

A 77-year-old Australian man has died after being attacked by a kangaroo he had been keeping as a pet. When emergency services arrived the aggressive kangaroo prevented them from treating him.

The kangaroo attack took place in Redmond on Monday
The kangaroo attack took place in Redmond on Monday

The 77-year-old victim was found with serious injuries by a relative on Monday at his home in Redmond, approximately 250 miles south of Perth. When paramedics arrived at the scene, the aggressive kangaroo stopped them from giving medical treatment to the man.

Local police confirmed that they had to shoot the kangaroo so paramedics could get to him.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene. A police spokesperson told news reporters that they believed the man had been attacked earlier in the day by the animal that he had been keeping as a pet.

Associate Professor Graeme Coulson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: "If they're cornered or in some sort of distress, that can be quite dangerous.

"The problem with kangaroos and people is we're both upright animals, we stand on our two feet, and an upright stance like that is a challenge to the male kangaroo."

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