Baby Girl Safely Delivered On Roadside After Mother Is Crushed To Death By Truck In India

A pregnant woman in India was crushed by a truck before going into labour at the side of the road, the baby miraculously survived but the mother tragically died several minutes after giving birth.

Baby girl was miraculously unscathed following her mothers death
Baby girl was miraculously unscathed after her mother's death

The baby girl was delivered safely against all odds during an accident that occurred on a road in northern India.

The pregnant woman was struck by a truck, dying just minutes after she had given birth.

The tragic incident took place near Firozabad city in Uttar Pradesh state on Wednesday when 26-year-old Kamini - identified only by her first name - a resident of Agra city, was travelling with her husband to her parents' home on a motorbike.

Eyewitnesses said that Kamini's husband lost control of the bike while trying to move out of the way of an oncoming car from the other direction. Kamini was reportedly struck by a truck that was approaching from behind when she fell into the road, the driver of the truck fled the scene after hitting the 26-year-old pregnant woman.

The woman, who was in a terribly injured state went into labour and was forced to give birth at the side of the road.

The newborn baby girl was delivered safely but tragically Kamini died from her injuries just several minutes later. Authorities on Thursday said that the baby had gone through various medical examinations and was in good health.

A police officer told The Times of India: "The newborn is safe and getting the required treatment. The father of the child who was driving the bike is also safe."

The officer added that they are searching for the driver of the truck and that they are confident they will soon be found.

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