Baby killer dad is jailed for life for the murder of his own son

A man has been jailed for murdering his baby son whilst inflicting life-changing injuries on the infant's twin brother. Haroldas Bugaila has been sentenced to life imprisonment

A man who murdered his baby son and inflicted life-changing injuries on the infant's twin brother has been jailed for life

Haroldas Bugaila, 29, from Boston, murdered his baby son and caused catastrophic life-changing injuries to the infant's twin brother by 'deliberately and violently shaking them has been handed a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 23 years.

Bugaila shook the defenceless 11-week-old baby, Martinas Bugaila, to death on the 27th March 2019.

The lifeless baby was found with a face as 'white as paper' after being left with Bugaila, Lincoln Crown Court heard.

The jury heard that the 29-year-old man had warned the children's mother on more than one occasion that he would 'make the boys cry' before carrying out the attack.

The prosecution on the case told Lincoln Crown Court that Bugaila, made these threats to his partner Aliona because she was speaking to him 'in a way to which he objected'.

The High Court judge presiding over the case told Bugaila he was 'anything but a good father' to his sons. He said: 'Whilst they were in your join care, you deliberately and violently shook each of those babies on at least two occasions.'

Following a long six-week trial, jurors found the defendant guilty of murder and three charges of causing grievous bodily harm.

Martinas Bugaila baby killer
Bugaila being led in handcuffs

Mr Justice Jeremy Baker told Bugaila: 'In the course of your evidence at trial, you told the jury that when you discovered that your partner was pregnant with twins, it made you extremely happy as you had always wanted to be a dad and, because you had never seen your own father, you wanted to be a good father to your own children

'Sadly, after the twins were born... you were anything but a good father to them, as it is clear from the jury's verdicts.

'Whilst they were in your joint care, you deliberately and violently shook each of those babies on at least two occasions, causing fatal injuries to one of them.'

Bugaila was left alone with Martinas for five minutes on the day of the murder before shouting: 'Come here, there's something wrong.' Aiona, 22, and her sister Violeta ran upstairs to find the baby lying on his back 'completely white' and not breathing, the court heard.

The boy died after suffering a 'catastrophic brain injury' akin to those seen after a 'high-speed motor vehicle accident'.

The prosecution said Martinas was 'turning blue' as his mother made resuscitation attempts.

The judge continued: 'It is apparent from the expert clinical evidence that whilst you were upstairs with Martinas, you took the opportunity to shake him with such violence that he was caused the injuries which subsequently led to his death.

'Unfortunately, by the time the police arrived at your house at about 6pm, it is again clear from the expert clinical evidence that you had taken the opportunity of shaking your other child with such violence that he too required intensive lifesaving procedures to be carried out upon him.

'During the course of the trial, you sought to deflect responsibility for having caused these injuries by suggesting that they may have been inflicted by others living with you at the property, including your partner, her sister and even your own brother.'


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