Ben & Jerry's Flavour Graveyard: A Place to Mourn the Flavours That are no Longer With us.

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to flavours, Ben & Jerry's have made it possible for you to go and mourn your beloved sweet treats that are no longer with us.

Visit ben and jerrys flavour graveyard
Ben and jerry flavour graveyard, Waterbury, Vermont

Ben & Jerry's is one of the worlds most well known ice cream brands, whether your a fan or not, you know who they are! The company was formed in the US in 1978 and has its products available now in 35 countries globally.

Ben & Jerry's started out selling soup, crepes and pottery with a bit of ice cream on the side, the ice cream quickly turned into their main product and blossomed into the multi national corporation they are today.

As the company got bigger and demand grew, they needed to keep things interesting and started rolling out a selection of new flavours, all of which needed to be thoroughly tested before being shipped off to the supermarket freezers.

Ben & Jerry's Flavour Graveyard
A place to mourn all of your previous favourite flavours, Ben & Jerry's Flavour Graveyard

As with all new products, some of them didn't quite perform as they had originally hoped they would, these would be struck off the production line and ended up in the "flavour graveyard" situated on a hill overlooking the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont.

There are currently 34 flavours that are sat in their final resting place in the graveyard, you can see the full list of flavours along with their headstones on the Ben & Jerry's Flavour Graveyard Website.

If you have been left grieving over the loss of one of your favourite flavours then the Ben & Jerry's flavour graveyard is open to the public all year round to go and pay a visit.

With Halloween around the corner we thought some of you might enjoy this little story if you have never heard of the place before!


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