Biblical Sacrifice Murder's: Man confesses to killings after police find three dismembered bodies

A man has been arrested after confessing to police that he killed three people after firefighters found their dismembered bodies in a burning dumpster.

Jason Alan Thornburg murdered arrested
Jason Alan Thornburg has confessed to the 'Biblical Sacrifice' killings

Authorities have said that Jason Alan Thornburg is also linked to two other murders and is currently being detained in Tarrant County Jail on a $1million bond. Firefighters made the shocking discovery of the decapitated bodies in Fort Worth, Texas, last week when they responded to a fire in a dumpster.

Police have confirmed that one of the victims, David Lueras, 42, had a long criminal record, whilst the other two victims were two unidentified women, not a woman and child as police first said. Police at Fort Worth have said that a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was captured on CCTV close to the dumpster were the bodies were left was owned by Jason Alan Thornburg.

Authorities have also confirmed that they had video footage from a guest at the motel where Thornburg was staying, showing him moving large bins from a room into an SUV, then from the motel to the dumpster where the decapitated bodies were found.

The police have said that Thornburg had been staying at the motel since 28, June.

He was taken into custody on Monday and admitted that he was responsible for the killings of the three victims.

Police also confirmed that Thornburg confessed to his role in the death of his roommate, Mark Jewell, who was killing during a fire inside their home in May.

Thornburg said he had a deep understanding of the Bible and that he had been called upon to commit sacrifices. He was also claimed to have a girlfriend of his in Arizona, Texas authorities are still working to try and confirm if this statement is true.

He has been officially charged with capital murder of multiple persons. Police have said that Thornburg does not have a history of violent crime, however, they have confirmed that he has previously served several years in prison for a collection of unrelated offences.

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