Bill Tompkins Full Interview: Alien Bases In Antarctica, MJ-12, Draco's, Nordics & Admiral Byrd

Updated: Jul 1

The late William Tompkins (1923-2017) worked on some of the most secretive projects in the modern-day. This full-length interview lays out everything he claims to know from alien bases in Antarctica, MJ-12, Nordic aliens, and Admiral Byrd's failed mission.

Bill Tompkins Interview - PART 1

Bill Tompkins Interview - PART 2

Bill Tompkins first got noticed by the Navy during his high school years, his career began with designing sea ships and later moved forward towards spacecraft. In July 2017, during a press conference, he made an astonishing public statement, claiming that when he had previously worked at Douglas Aircraft Company, he worked alongside extraterrestrials. This was 4-7 years before NASA even existed.

Two years prior to the above interview, Bill wrote a book called "Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries." His book detailed about working together with an alien civilisation. The release of the book sent the UFO world into a frenzy with journalists from all over the globe wanting to speak to William (Bill) Tompkins.

Tompkins released some utterly astounding information, he claimed that during World War II, the Nazis received technology from aliens which allowed them to build huge underground facilities deep in Antarctica. He explained how thousands of workers were shipped over there and would work in the facilities, some manufacturing flying saucers.

Tompkins described how the technologies were passed to the Germans by an alien civilisation known as the "Draco." They manufactured spaceships in Germany and trained the German military during the war, he said that the plan of the Draco was to eliminate humans from the Earth, he brings a lot of evidence to the table that Antarctica is holding some truly horrifying secrets.

In 1947, American naval officer Admiral Richard Byrd, along with a squadron of 13 warships, sailed to Antarctica, the reason for the expedition was in the secret documents found in the archives of the Nazi Navy General Staff.

According to them, in 1938, the Germans settled new land under the ice of Antarctica, Swabia. A gigantic transport ship was built to take goods there. He explains that dozens of submarines were involved in the operation as well as highly qualified specialists that were sent to the base without the right to return back.

In 1945, following the defeat of Hitler, US intelligence officers uncovered a number of documents that confirmed that Germany was exploring the under-ice space of Antarctica.

After the war, the Americans arrived in Antarctica and started building an airfield, but instead of the planned 6 months, the expedition only lasted a couple of weeks. Admiral Byrd failed to take the warning about potential UFO encounters seriously, and when strange objects began to appear in the sky, they opened fire on them. This resulted in the squadron losing several escort ships, as well as submarines, half of the planes were shot down and two aircraft carriers were forced to turn back.

After they returned, all the documents, records, diaries, and journals were seized and classified.

Over time, the majority of German scientists ended up in the United States. It is said that the Americans came to an agreement with the aliens, this put the secret bases of the Germans in Antarctica under US control by the end of the 1940s.

Tompkins said that three aliens arrived in Las Vegas, he claimed that he spent two weeks with them before moving to Douglas. One girl was a specialist in engines, another was in charge of contact with him, and there was also a male that helped them, he says that because of this meeting the Apollo space program started.

In the late 1940s, US newspapers were full of stories about UFO sightings, Admiral Byrd's expedition was curtailed on March 3, 1947, and articles began to appear in the press as early as mid-May 1947.

Tompkins explained that two forces from separate parts of the galaxy helped them, these aliens are collectively known as "Nordics." Tompkins was present at the "Battle of Los Angeles (1942)," when over a thousand bullets were shot at UFOs. Tompkins said he was selected by the Nordics to be their representative in the evolving aerospace race.

Sadly, Bill Tompkins passed away on August 21, 2017, at the age of 94, just one month after his public announcement at the press conference.

This is just a brief outline of some of the fantastic claims made by Bill Tompkins, to get a full understanding you need to watch both parts of the interview. Let us know your thoughts on Bill Tompkins in the comments section below. Now you have watched the full-length alien interview with Bill Tompkins, take a look at the Robert Dean Interview: Army Sergeant Speaks Out On Secret NATO Documents, UFOs & Alien Beings


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