Captain Bill Uhouse Interview: Reverse-engineered UFOs, Area 51 & An Alien Named J-Rod

Updated: Apr 29

The late Bill Uhouse was a retired mechanical engineer who worked on various flight simulators and specialised in avionics. He had a remarkable story to tell, that involved working on alien spacecraft and even alongside an extra-terrestrial being.

Bill Uhouse shared some astonishing stories with the public after his retirement and prior to his death in 2009.

Bill specialised in working with flight simulators and claims he had been part of a team that's objective was to train human pilots to be able to fly alien reverse-engineered crafts. Very similar to the story of Bob Lazar, Bill's claims had exceptional internal consistency and he would only speak about subjects that he said he had first-hand experience with and did not go down the route of speculation, he also had no obvious personal gain to be made from fabricating such stories.

His career began in the Marine Corps, where he served for 10 years as a fighter pilot, before working for four years at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a civilian doing flight testing on experimental aircraft.

It was following on from this employment that Bill claimed he spent the next 30+ years working for defence contractors as an engineer of antigravity and propulsion systems on the flight simulators of actual flying discs. Uhouse made the claim that the first alien craft they had tested was a reverse-engineered disc that had crashed in Kingman, Arizona in 1958. He also told how the extra-terrestrials had presented a craft to the US government that they would later move to Area 51, before sending the four extra-terrestrials to Los Alamos.

Bill Uhouse Area 51
Bill Uhouse claimed that he had worked alongside an alien known by the name of J-Rod

The most astonishing claim that Bill Uhouse made, was that he personally worked alongside an extraterrestrial entity by the name of J-Rod, Uhouse explained that J-Rod would help him on the scientific side of how the alien spacecraft were controlled.

We find the story of Bill Uhouse absolutely fascinating and certainly one of the more believable when it comes to UFO whistle-blowers, although Uhouse is not a household name such as Bob Lazar or not as frequently discussed as Phil Schneider, this does not make his claims any less compelling. Now you have watched the interview with Bill Uhouse make sure you take the time to read Lonnie Zamora UFO Incident: A Reliable Police Officer, Blue Flames, A Landed Craft & Small Beings.


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