Black Bear Shot By Police After Mauling Boy, 10, In Grandparents' Back Yard

A 10-year-old boy was mauled by a black bear while playing in the backyard of his grandparents' home in Connecticut before police arrived and fatally shot the animal.

Police officers fatally shot the bear after it had mauled the young boy
Police officers fatally shot the bear after it had mauled the young boy

The huge animal mauled the boy and attempted to drag him away before being shot by police officers in the state of Connecticut.

Miraculously the 10-year-old survived the attack and was taken to hospital for treatment on his thigh, claw marks on his back, and bites on his foot and ankle.

The victims' grandfather, James Butler, witnessed the attack. He described how his grandson had been playing near a trampoline when the bear emerged from the thick woodland behind the property.

Mr Butler, who uses a wheelchair, said he had seen the boy's leg in the bear's mouth and threw a metal bar at its head in the hope of scaring it away.

Initially, the bear let go of the child, but then grabbed him a second time and attempted to roll the boy onto his back using its claws.

Mr Butler told reporters from a local newspaper: "I heard him yell 'bear' and when I looked up, I saw his leg in the bear's mouth and the bear trying to drag him across the lawn."

A neighbour who heard the screams of the child ran into the garden and managed to disturb the bear by shouting and swinging a pipe.

Once the boy and his grandfather were back inside the house, the bear returned, walking up a wheelchair ramp and peering through their screen door. Mr Butler said: "We thought he was coming through the screen. No doubt he was a big threat."

Police officers arrived and fatally shot the bear.

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