Teenage Camper Claims To Capture Huge Black Panther Feeding On Dead Sheep In English Peak District

A British teenager captured video footage while out camping in the British Peak District that he claims shows a huge black panther feeding on a sheep.

Peak District Black Panther
Josh Williams, 17, believes he caught video footage of a black panther in the Peak District

17-year-old Josh Williams claims to have spotted the big cat feeding on a dead sheep after a night of wild camping with his friend near Jacob's Ladder in the Peak District.

The alleged footage was captured last Monday when the pair were walking from Mermaid's Pool on Kinder Scout towards Edale when they spotted what they first thought was a wild cat.

Mr Williams said when they got closer they realised they were "witnessing something out of the ordinary."

Watch The Video:

He said that he was convinced the animal was a big cat and looked just like a panther, but could not be entirely sure what it was.

Josh said: "We stood staring at it and questioning what it could be for around five minutes before I decided to start recording so that I could zoom in and get a better look.

"We tried attracting its attention so that it would turn and face us so that we could get a better understanding of what we were looking at.

"We honestly had no idea what it could be if not a big cat.

"I was glad I managed to capture it on video after the event unfolded as I knew that nobody would believe me if I told them I had seen a panther in the Peak District the first time I went camping."

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