Former Russian Soldier Uses Blood Of Ukrainians To Create A Portrait Of Putin As A "Bloody Criminal"

Former Russian soldier turned conceptual artist, Andrei Molodkin has created a huge portrait of Vladimir Putin using the blood of Ukrainian soldiers to show he is a "bloody criminal"

Vladimir Putin portrait created by Andrei Molodkin
Vladimir Putin portrait created by Andrei Molodkin

A former Soviet soldier-turned artist has used real blood from Ukrainian soldiers to create a glass portrait of President Vladimir Putin in a bid to show the world that the Russian leader is a "bloody criminal"

Russian conceptual artist, Andrei Molodkin, created the "Putin Filled WIth Ukrainian Blood" artwork by using 850grams of blood from eight Ukrainian soldiers, three of which are currently on the frontlines while the other five are waiting to be mobilised.

The artwork was created by Molodkin at The Foundry, an artists' residence in the south of France where the soldiers had visited prior to returning to join the fight against Russia in Ukraine.

Andrei Molodkin said: "Before they went back to Ukraine I decided to take the blood from them and create the bloody portrait of Putin as it's a very simple way of showing that you're a bloody criminal and art is the only thing we can trust as it has no manipulations in it."

When talking about how the Ukrainian soldiers had requested that their families were hosted at the residence so they could stay safe during the way, Molodkin said: "We try to make them happy but of course, it's really difficult because everyone worries and not often we have news."

The portrait is eight-metres tall and manufactured out of plexi-glass and acrylic.

Andrei Molodkin said that he is hoping to eventually display the portrait in Moscow's Red Square, he also added, "The scary thing to think about is that the soldiers who gave their blood could die in the next hour."

One of the soldiers who gave their blood to make the sculpture is Sasha Levchuk. His wife Kristina is currently living at the artists' residence, she said she was "shocked" when she first saw the portrait as she believed it was "the real thing". "It's really what is happening now, because the blood of all the innocent, the children and women and everyone makes it up".

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