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Brazils most dangerous prisoner "Lucifer" has murdered 48 inmates during his time inside

Marcos Paulo Da Silva, nicknamed "Lucifer" was jailed in 1995 for petty theft, now he holds the title as Brazil's most dangerous prisoner after 48 inmates have been murdered by the 43-year-old.

Marcus Paulo Da Silver prison murderer
Nicknamed "Lucifer", Da Silva is said to have murdered 48 other prisoners during him time incarerated

In 1995, Marcos Paulo Da Silva was just 18-years-old, he was first sent to prison for the minor crime of petty theft.

Fast forward 25 years later and Da Silva is now serving a 217-year prison sentence for the murder of 48 of his fellow prison inmates after transforming himself into Brazil's most feared prisoner.

Silva has become notorious for not only the number of murders he has committed but also the manner in which he committed them, many of his victims were beheaded and disembowelled.

The Brazilian prison authorities confirmed that in 2011, in the Serra Azul prison in Sao Paulo, Silva killed five men in one attack.

During the 2011 massacre, he is said to have knocked out his victims using a fire extinguisher before decapitating them with a hand-made knife that he had hidden inside his cell.

Although Da Silva, who is covered in Swastika and skull tattoos, has not been tried for many of his crimes, his vicious murder campaign within the prison system has left him with various sentences totalling 217 years.

Maros Paulo Da Silva murders 48 prison inmates
This image reportedly shows the aftermath of Marcos Paulo Da Silva's 2011 killing spree

A witness to one of his murders said following the incident Da Silva was heard shouting "I love this, there’s so few, I want to kill more prisoners".

In his latest court appearance, Da Silva told the judge "I have no regrets about killing all these people".

"They were rapists and thieves who took advantage of other inmates and robbed them".

Marcos is reported to be the leader of a group of assassins that operate within Brazil's prison system with the purpose of killing members of the PCC - one of Brazil's most powerful prison gangs.

During his first prison sentence, Da Silva joined the PCC prison gang, however for reasons unknown he switched allegiances from them and took up a violent quest to kill as many of the gang's members as he could.

Da Silva has undergone many mental evaluations by different psychologists who have ruled that he is not mentally ill, however, they have stated that he does suffer from a personality disorder that needs to be urgently treated if they are going to stop him from killing again.


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