British Gran Awaiting Execution On Death Row in Bali For Drug Smuggling Says She Just Wants To Die

Lindsay Sandiford, a grandmother, and convicted drug smuggler has spent almost the last decade in Kerobokan Prison in Bali after being arrested in 2013 for attempting to smuggle £1.6 million worth of cocaine into Indonesia.

Lindsay Sandiford death row
65-year-old British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford has spent almost the last ten years on death row in Bali

The punishment for drug smuggling in Indonesia is death by firing squad. Prisoners get given the option to stand or sit before armed soldiers take shots, aiming for the heart.

If the prisoner survives the initial shooting, the commander is then ordered to shoot them in the head. 65-year-old Lindsay Sandiford is still waiting to be given her execution date as Indonesia carries them out infrequently, with prisoners often being left on death row for more than 10 years.

Sandiford moved to India in 2012 after separating from her husband. On May 19, 2012, she was arrested as she arrived in Bali from Bangkok, after authorities discovered a large amount of cocaine in her luggage.

Sandiford, who used to work as a legal secretary, originally claimed that she had been forced to carry the drugs by a criminal gang who had threatened to hurt her family if she refused.

The grandmother later changed her story when she was told she would receive the death penalty if convicted of drug trafficking.

Sandiford then told authorities that a British antique dealer, Julian Ponder asked her to carry the narcotics for him, she agreed to take part in a police operation to catch Ponder, however, she was still later charged and convicted of drug trafficking.

On January 22, 2013, Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death. Throughout her time in prison, she has been selling items that she has knitted to raise money to pay for her legal fees.

Sandiford made an unexpected acquaintance in prison when she befriended Heather Mack, a convicted killer who has served 10 years for the murder of her mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack.

Mack has recently revealed that Sandiford has become very reclusive in the prison and extremely difficult to talk to. She said: "She spends all day pretty much alone in her cell and doesn't mix so much with the other prisoners."

Mack also said that Sandiford has just one final wish. She said: "She has said she wants to die."

Sandiford herself recently said: "It won't be a hard thing for me to face anymore. It's not particularly a death I would choose but then again I wouldn't choose dying in agony from cancer either."

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