British Kabaddi Player Sandeep Singh Sandhu Is Shot Dead At Tournament In India

A British citizen who was known as one of the best kabaddi players in the world has been shot dead at a tournament in India in what police believe could be an underworld hit.

Sandeep Singh Sandhu has been shot dead
Sandeep Singh Sandhu has been shot dead at a kabaddi tournament in India

Sandeep Singh Sandhu had lived in Britain for years and had been captain of the national kabaddi team, the 40-year-old frequently returned to India to take part in competitions.

Sandhu, who was also known as Sandeep Nangal Ambian, was shot between 8 and 10 times at the end of a match in Mallian Khurd village, just outside the city of Jalandhar.

He was transported to the hospital but pronounced dead on arrival according to Jalandhar police, authorities have said the shooting was likely the result of a 'protection racket' hit, or a professional rivalry that got out of hand.

Sandeep Singh Sandhu Shooting Video

The footage from the scene of the attack appeared to show several gunmen firing at the edge of the field before fleeing as the tournament spectators tried to escape.

Kabaddi is one of India's most beloved sports but in recent years it has been subjected to criminal gangs setting up gambling rings while attempting to gain influence over teams and players.

A senior kabaddi organiser who was close to Sandeep explained to the Hindustan Times that gangsters were involved in the kabaddi game and made attempts to manipulate the results by dictating which players should play in the tournament.

Satinder Singh, Senior Superintendent of Jalandhar police has said that the shooters have not yet been identified.

"We have launched an investigation to identify the accused. It has been learned that one more player also got injured," he said.

The other victim is thought to be a teenager who sustained a bullet wound to the leg that is not life-threatening, according to The Times of India.

Sandhu, a permanent resident of the UK, was originally from Nagal Ambian village in Jalandhar's Shahkot area.

He tragically leaves behind a wife and two sons, who live in England.


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