British Police Officer Claimed Fake Girlfriend Had Died Of Cancer To Get Time Off Work

A West Midlands police officer made up that he had a girlfriend before telling his bosses that she had died of cancer in order to get time off.

PC Harry Sarkar told police bosses that his made up  girlfriend had died from cancer
PC Harry Sarkar told police bosses that his made up girlfriend had died from cancer

West Midlands Police said that PC Harry Sarkar would have been dismissed from the force had he not resigned, and described his actions as a "significant abuse of trust".

A misconduct hearing heard how Sarkar had told "detailed tissues of lies" about his girlfriend's supposed illness, death, and even funeral arrangements that got him flexible working hours and bereavement leave.

The student officer voluntarily resigned from the force in March.

The misconduct hearing was heard before Chief Constable Sir David Thompson at West Midlands Police HQ, Mr Sarkar did not attend.

The force's professional standards team said that Mr Sarkar's bosses had signed him off on "sick leave" after claims were made about his "fake girlfriend" between October 2020 and June 2021.

Mr Sarkhar reportedly received three days' bereavement leave and was granted flexible working hours at a time when the police force was under mass strain during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sir David Thompson said: "This case concerns a protracted period, with the officer creating a fictional relationship where the other party was suffering from cancer and died.

"This enabled supervisors to allow enhanced flexibility in his working. "These 'truths' were repeated and developed over a sustained period of time.

"The public would not expect this from an officer and will be concerned over the obvious odious nature of such a misrepresentation."

At the end of the hearing, he added: "No other sanction would have been suitable and the officer would have been dismissed without notice and accordingly." Mr Sarkar has been banned from ever joining the police in the future in any capacity.

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