A Drink Driver Knocked Over & Killed His Own Brother After Night In The Pub

A drink-driver killed his own brother after going out to search for him as he was concerned he would get hit by a car, Cambridge Crown Court heard.

Nathen Pearson was more than twice the legal alcohol level when he hit and killed his brother
Nathen Pearson was more than twice the legal alcohol limit when he hit and killed his brother

32-year-old Nathen Pearson got behind the wheel of a hire van and went out to look for his elder brother Aden, who family described as his "best friend".

The two brothers had spent the evening at a pub in Wisbech before driving to the home of their father in Guyhim, Cambridgeshire.

Not long after the duo arrived, 34-year-old Aden told his family that he needed to go to check on his dog at his home in March, approximately six miles away.

The family failed to persuade Aden not to leave and after a few minutes, Nathen, who has Asperger's syndrome, decided to go and look for him.

Nathen got behind the wheel just after 11pm but ended up hitting Aden, who was walking on the carriageway. A passing motorist called an ambulance while Nathen attempted CPR on his brother but he was tragically pronounced dead at the scene just before midnight.

Nathen told police that he had set off to look for his brother as he was concerned that he was so drunk he might get knocked over by a car or end up in a ditch.

Tests showed that Nathen was more than twice above the legal limit when he hit Aden.

Aden Pearson died after being struck by a hire van driven by his brother
Aden Pearson died after being struck by a hire van driven by his brother

Nathen's mother Linda told the judge in court: "Nathen blames himself and it crucifies me to know that nothing I can do will ever ease his pain. All I can do is hug him and let him know that I am there. Having Nathen there is helping me through the pain. "Nathen and I have plans to scatter Aden's ashes together, something we will not be able to do if he is sent to prison. He is all I have and I can't lose a second son."

Jason, Nathen's father, said: "Aden was a completely devoted brother, they were like best friends. "He was a lovely man, so caring, kind, and considerate. They were so incredibly close. "I'm so very sorry. Nathen should never have been given the responsibility of looking after us. He now needs the help of his family to get through the living hell he is going through."

Nathen Pearson pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving while over the legal alcohol limit at an earlier hearing. On Monday he was sentenced to two years in prison suspended for 21 months.

He was also given a five-year driving ban, ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and attend 40 days of rehabilitation.

Detective Sergeant Mark Dollard said: "Pearson left his house that night intending to protect his brother, but due to his alcohol consumption he did exactly the opposite and knocked him down.

"Regardless of the sanctions imposed today by the court, Pearson will carry his own life sentence for causing the death of his brother. If anything can be learned from this tragic case, it is that drink-driving ruins lives."


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