Captured British Soldier Is Paraded On Russian TV & Used For Pro Russian Propaganda Video

Andrew Hill, a British fighter who was captured in Ukraine was shown on Russian television reading a statement confessing that foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine are committing war crimes and killing civilians.

Russian captors filmed Andrew Hill, from Plymouth, confessing to "unwittingly" being involved in "war crimes" and pleading for leniency.

The 35-year-old Brit is apparently being held in the Russian-controlled area of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

Throughout the footage, it appears that Hill is reading from a pre-written statement and occasionally stumbles his words.

Andrew Hill pictured here with another group of mercenaries in Ukraine
Andrew Hill pictured here with another group of mercenaries in Ukraine

In the footage, Andrew Hill can be heard saying: "After coming to Ukraine I realised it was hell here", before adding that the foreign mercenaries he was fighting with until last week were "really bad people and sadists".

Mr Hill added, "They were ready to do any dirty job needed for money,"

"They don't come to war for money, they do get money, but they do it because they enjoy it. Many of them do not understand the Ukrainian and Russian languages."

During the video Mr Hill also says that the mercenaries' lack of the local language is why "they shoot civilians, kill them and injure them indiscriminately."

"They stole valuable things from these people without any shame at all. Mercenaries also tortured Russian soldiers and Russian activists." "They cut off their fingers and they torture them. Prisoners were severely beaten and they were deprived of food and drink."

"I've never seen such cruelty on this scale before."

The script that Andrew Hill appears to have been given mentions many of the key points that Russia has been pushing on its people and using to validate its reason for invading Ukraine in the first place.

Mr Hill continued with, "Supporters of the Neo-Nazi and the nationalist ideology prevail in this camp, they are proud of the tattoos of the swastikas and the double-S's emblems. It was awful."

"Unfortunately I found myself among these terrible people and unwittingly became involved in these war crimes."

"I understand everything has been done wrong and I hope for leniency from the Donetsk People's Republic."

Just a week prior to his capture by Russian forces, Andrew Hill had made a passionate plea to his followers on Facebook for help getting more resources to defend against the invading Russians.

On Monday, Andrei Spivak, state prosecutor for the DPR threatened to execute two other British prisoners, Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner.

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