CCTV Captures Murder Suspects Being Gunned Down In Puerto Rico *Graphic Video*

Video showing a group of armed men being attacked in a shooting while attending a birthday party in Puerto Rico. The violent attack resulted in 4 men being killed and 2 others being seriously injured.

Graphic Shooting Video

The group of young men, all armed with pistols, were shot at in front of a business during a birthday celebration. The shooting resulted in four people being killed and two others seriously injured. The incident took place at 11:40 p.m. on Tuesday on Los Oliques street in the Certenejas neighborhood in Cidra.

This is the eleventh "massacre" in Puerto Rico so far in 2022.

Three of the men killed have been identified as, Jonathan O'Neill Ortiz Castrodad, 27, Andres Manuel Bonilla Rivera, 38, and Sebastian Figueroa Chamorro.

Lieutenant Roberto Rivera told Hoy Dia Puerto Rico, "A vehicle arrived here and they didn't even notice. They were practically taken by surprise or asleep. When their main card (Onix) goes out of the business, they execute the act. They did not fire until Onix left the place,"

The men that were shot in the attack were linked to two recent murders in Cidra. All of them were armed and repelled the attack. Approximately 200 bullet casings were found at the scene of the shooting.

One of the dead, Ortiz Castrodad was on the most wanted list by the police in the Caguas area. Ortiz was suspected of murdering a young man in Cidra last Saturday.

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