CCTV Captures Pit Bull Viciously Attacking A Woman In An Elevator In Colombia

Horrifying video footage shows a vicious dog attack on a woman in Colombia. The CCTV video shows the pit bull relentlessly biting the woman as she struggles to fight it off.

Pit Bull Attack
Shocking video footage captured the moment a pit bull attacked a woman in Colombia

The below CCTV video captured the moment a woman in Colombia was viciously attacked by a pit bull inside an elevator as she tried to escape from the blood-thirsty animal.

Video Shows Pit Bull Attack - Warning Graphic Content

The footage shows the woman being bitten numerous times by the dog while trying to desperately fight it off in the elevator in her apartment building in Cúcuta, Colombia.

The 25-year-old victim said that she was putting her shoes in her bedroom when the 4-year-old dog attacked her, it is believed the dog belongs to another resident in the apartment building.

A judicial source told local media that "Her reaction was to crawl to the door and go out into the hallway, hoping a neighbour would help her, when the animal jumped on her, the only thing she thought was that if she stayed on the fifth floor, no one was going to rescue her."

The dog can be seen biting her neck and legs before she manages to press a button to take the elevator to the lobby, where people rushed to help her and took her to Erasmo Meoz University Hospital.

A police spokesperson said, "She has fractures in two fingers of her right hand, a phalanx on her left, she is still hospitalized and pending transfer to a clinic for a medical procedure."

Local law states that "potentially dangerous dogs" must be leashed and muzzled while in common areas of residential buildings.

Authorities have reportedly seized the dog and held him for behavioral analysis.

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