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Florida Pervert Arrested After Having Sex With Dog In Front Of Horrified Families

Chad Mason, 36, from Florida was arrested on a number of charges after families watched on in horror as he was seen having sex with a dog, destroying a nativity scene at a nearby church, and attempting to steal a vehicle.

Chad Mason, 36, was arrested after having sex with a dog in public
Chad Mason, 36, was arrested after having sex with a dog in public

Police arrested the 36-year-old on Sunday and charged him with multiple offences, including sexual activity with an animal, criminal mischief to a place of worship, and exposing himself.

Mason was out walking a Goldendoodle dog of whom he knew the owner, while in an apartment complex in the 2600 block of McMullen Booth Road at approximately 4:30pm on Sunday, he started having sexual intercourse with the dog in front of a number of witnesses, one of which was a child under the age of 16.

An adult who witnessed what was happening went to confront Mason, who then fled the scene and entered Northwood Presbyterian Church. Once inside he began destroying a Christmas nativity display, threw children's toys from the play area, and broke several potted plants. Officials said the damages to the church were around $400.

He then fled from the church to a nearby neighbourhood and destroyed a mailbox and attempted to steal a car.

Clearwater police arrested Mason and charged him at the Pinellas County Jail - he has since been released on bond and will appear in court later this month.

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