Chicago Toddler, 3, Shot Dead In Road Rage Incident

A three-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed in West Lawn, Chicago, on Friday night in what police described as a road rage incident. A $7,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction has been offered.

Mateo Zastro, 3, was shot in the head after the alleged road rage incident
Mateo Zastro, 3, was shot in the head after the alleged road rage incident

The fatal shooting that left 3-year-old Mateo Zastro dead occurred at around 8.30pm on Friday.

Police say that the toddler was in a car with his mother and three siblings near 44th & West Marquette Road in West Lawn. They had allegedly just left a shopping centre and ended up being involved in a road rage confrontation.

District Commander Bryan Spreyne said: "The mother attempted to leave from the other vehicles when the offender subsequently followed her. Several shots were fired."

Mateo Zastro was struck in the head by one of the bullets and died several hours later in hospital.

Authorities are now reviewing CCTV footage and are searching for a Red Dodge Charger or Red Ford Mustang.

Community activist Andrew Homes said: "That child usually sits in the front seat next to his mother, but he wanted to get back to sit next to his brother. "This is the second child this year shot in the head in a vehicle. We have baby killers out here on the street."

Mateo's mother and three siblings were uninjured in the shooting. Police are asking for the publics help in identifying the vehicles and those involved. A $7,000 reward has been offered for information leading to charges and a conviction in the case.

Commander Spreyne added: "We will not rest until those responsible for this senseless and cowardly act of violence are brought to justice."

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