Child Rapist Has Fled The UK To Turkey Days Before His Trial For Historic Sex Offences

A child rapist from St Helens remains on the run after fleeing the country before being convicted of historic sex offences against a minor. A manhunt is now underway to locate the man and bring him back to the UK to serve his sentence.

Martin Gill was sentenced to 8 years in prison in his absence
Martin Gill was sentenced to 8 years in prison in his absence

Police believe that convicted child rapist Martin Gill, from St Helens, is hiding in Turkey after fleeing the UK just three days before he was due to be on trial for his horrible sex crimes at Liverpool Crown Court.

The now 36-year-old sex offender carried out his shocking campaign of abuse in the early noughties, when he himself was relatively young.

Gill sexually assaulted his victim when she was only 10 years old and performed forced sex acts on her. By the time the girl turned 13, Gill raped her.

A statement that was read out to the court on behalf of the victim described how his abuse made her feel as though she "didn't want to live anymore" and had attempted to commit suicide. The statement also said, "I have nightmares which take me back to being a young, vulnerable child."

Gill's trial was supposed to have taken place earlier, however, it was postponed after he tested positive for Covid-19. Colin Witcher, defending, said: "The defence has made enquiries of Mr Gill, and there has been no response or engagement.

"Given his absence, there is very little I can say in positive mitigation on his behalf. He has not engaged with the process."

Martin Gill, of Waring Avenue, confessed to six counts of sexual assault but was found guilty of a further four of the same charge plus two counts of rape by a jury. On Tuesday 12 July, he was sentenced to eight years in prison in his absence.

Judge Robert Trevor-Jones, sentencing, said: "The defendant abused his victim from a very early age, gradually escalating his activity. It was sustained abuse. "He threatened her not to tell anyone, and those threats were clearly successful. The victim buried memories of the abuse until recently when she resurfaced feelings of fear, isolation, and pain. "There is clear and enduring serious emotional and psychological trauma."

The hunt is now on to find Gill and bring him back to the UK to start his sentence. Horrid Parents Kept Kids In Home With Mouldy Food & Human Excrement Smeared On The Walls


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