Child Rapist Who Groomed Girl With Cigarettes & Sweets Has Been Jailed For 14 Years

A repeat offender paedophile has finally been jailed at Liverpool Crown Court. This horrible creature destroyed the lives of his young victims, buying them gifts, turning them against their families, and then sexually assaulting them.

Paedophile Brian Morton, 61, has been jailed for 14 years at Liverpool Crown Court
Paedophile Brian Morton, 61, has been jailed for 14 years at Liverpool Crown Court

Brian Morton, 61, from Halewood carried out despicable acts against his victim, he turned her against her own family in order to control her into fulfilling his sick sexual urges - even telling her that her parents did not love her. More than ten years later, the horrible paedophile attempted to groom another 14-year-old - although after being caught he was spared prison.

On Friday, July 8, Liverpool Crown Court heard how Morton began grooming his first victim when she was only 11 years old. The serial sex offender bought his victim mobile phone top-ups and took her out in his car, where he would sexually assault her.

The vile paedophile would "offer to clean her" while he watched her in the bath. When she turned 15, and was sleeping in the spare bedroom of his home, he raped her.

Due to the actions of Morton, the court heard how the victim had suffered from "severe psychological impact", forcing her to turn to drug abuse in order to "self medicate" and "block out what happened to her".

Morton was convicted of engaging in sexual communications with a child after sending a disgusting barrage of sexually-orientated messages to another teenager the previous year - grooming her "in similar ways to all those years ago."

The paedophile again requested that she went out for drives with him in his car. Morton only received a community order after the girl reported what had happened. He admitted the offence but denied having a sexual interest in children.

Trevor Parry-Jones, defending, told Liverpool Crown Court that Morton had attempted to commit suicide five years ago.

He said: "He maintains his innocence. This is obviously a serious case, and it is a sensitive case. The defendant will receive a lengthy custodial sentence, and he accepts that. "He will spend a considerable period of his remaining life in custody. By the time he is released from this sentence, he is going to be approaching the age of 70."

Brian Morton, of Torrington Drive, was found guilty of two counts of rape at the trial. Morton appeared via video link from HMP Liverpool and was jailed for 14 years, he was also given an indefinite restraining order and a lifelong notification order.

Judge Gary Woodhall described the "devastating impact" that the horrific crimes that Morton had committed had on his victim. The judge said: "You offered her treats she wasn't getting at home, you bought her sweets and cigarettes, took her for rides in your car, and bought credit for her mobile phone. "You suggested her family did not love her. You told her you loved her, and that she was pretty. You told her you wished you could be with her. You would even wear aftershave as if to impress. "It's clear she was being groomed for some time prior to these rapes. You behaved as if this was a normal, loving relationship when it was anything but. You knew she was someone who could not consent. She simply froze and had to pretend it was not happening.

"She lived with the knowledge of what happened to her and a feeling of self-loathing. She tried to block out what you did to her for years. She struggled to cope with the consequence of your offending. She has resorted to the use of drugs to self-medicate and attempt to escape. "She is still struggling to process what happened."

Judge Woodhall also referred to Morton's previous conviction from 2017, adding: "This is almost identical offending to the way you offended so many years previously. This demonstrates an established pattern of sexual interest in young girls and a willingness to act on those urges."

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