Excavation In Peru Uncovers The Remains Of 76 Child Sacrifice Victims With Their Hearts Ripped Out

Archaeologists in Peru say they have unearthed dozens of remains of child sacrifice victims who had their hearts removed, with many more likely waiting to be found.

Child sacrifices
The remains of the child sacrifice victims were found at Pampa La Cruz, Huanchaco, Peru

Gabriel Prieto, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Florida who directs the excavations at Pampa La Cruz, the site near Huanchaco where the remains were discovered, said that the skeletons also show evidence that the hearts of the children were removed.

Mr Prieto said that all 76 skeletons currently uncovered had a "transversal clean cut across the sternum," indicating that "they possibly opened up the rib cage and then extracted the heart."

Mr Prieto told Live Science: "They were buried in an extended position, with the feet towards the east.

"They were buried on top of an artificial mound. It's not clear why the sacrifices were located in this position in this place.

"We thought that the area, and particularly the mound, was free of Chimu child sacrifices, but we found the opposite."

The remains of the child sacrifice victims were unearthed on this mound
The remains of the child sacrifice victims were unearthed on this mound

The excavations at Pampa La Cruz have been ongoing for several years, and so far have unearthed 323 child sacrifice victims. A further 3 adult and 137 child sacrifice victims have also been found at Las Llamas, a site close to Pampa La Cruz. All of the other remains also appear to show the victims had their hearts removed.

Mr Prieto said that based on the archaeological finds that have been discovered so far, it is almost a certainty that more child sacrifice victims will be found in the area, "It could be more than 1,000 victims, as crazy as it sounds."

The most recently discovered remains need to be radiocarbon dated, however, the previous skeletons found at Pampa La Cruz dated to between 1100 and 1200 AD.

During this time the Chimu people occupied the area.

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