Couple Stabbed Over 300 Times By Their Mentally Ill Son At Their Home Near Blackburn, England

A couple who were brutally stabbed to death by their mentally ill son had previously told friends about him watching over them while they slept and passing death threats under the bedroom door, Preston Crown Court heard.

Anthony Tipping and Tricia Livesey were stabbed to death by their mentally ill son at their home in Higher Walton
Anthony Tipping and Tricia Livesey were stabbed to death by their mentally ill son at their home in Higher Walton

36-year-old Lee Tipping admits killing his parents Anthony Tipping and Tricia Livesey on the night of November 19 last year but denies murder.

Neighbours and friends of the deceased couple told Preston Crown Court that Lee's parents had fitted a lock to their bedroom door, but their son would pass murder threats underneath.

When the couple were found they had around 165 stab wounds each following the vicious attack that happened at their home in Higher Walton, near Blackburn.

On the third day of the trial, the jury heard how Tipping's mental health situation had been deteriorating, loud arguments were heard coming from the family home in Cann Bridge Street in the months before the killings.

The couple were found dead in their home on Saturday, November 20, after concerned family members raised the alarm.

The previous evening the couple had been out in Higher Walton with Mrs Livesey's sister, Catherine, and her husband Martin.

At around midnight, the couples next-door neighbours became concerned after hearing loud shouting and banging coming from the property, Tracey Wells described the noise as "someone banging a door down".

The scene of the crime in Higher Walton
The scene of the crime in Higher Walton

Tracey and her husband Steve didn't know what to do, they were both aware that Tipping was afraid of the police and did not want to make the situation worse.

Mrs Well's told the court how they had contemplated going next door to check on their neighbours, but the commotion appeared to calm down, so they presumed it had settled.

Mr Wells explained how he had heard Mrs Livesey shouting: "Lee, stop". His wife added that she heard her neighbour say: "What have you done?"

Mrs Wells had previously told her that she had her bedroom door fitted with a lock due to concerns about their son.

The next morning, Mrs Wells texted Mr Tipping offering her support, she said: "Just checking you and Trish are OK? Heard some of the upset last night and worried about you. Just didn't know what we should/could have done to help you. If there's anything you need now or in the future please let us know x."

The couple told the court how Anthony and Tricia were the best neighbours they could wish for, however, they were aware of them struggling with their son's mental health issues.

Tracey Ainsworth, a barmaid at the Swann Inn, told the court about a conversation she had with the couple around 2 months before they were killed.

Mrs Livesey had told her that they had put a lock on their bedroom door, but their son had been putting letters under it, telling her he was going to murder her.

The jury at Preston Crown Court heard how the defendant had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2004, and also suffered from anxiety and OCD.

His medical records showed that he had been ordering his prescriptions correctly.

A post-mortem examination showed that Mrs Livesey was stabbed 162 times, and Mr Tipping was stabbed at least 165 times.

On November 20, Tipping was arrested by armed police at a Premier Inn in Manchester City Centre, after attempting to flee the country. He confessed to killing his parents but claimed that his father had tried to attack him with a knife. Tipping then claimed that he killed his mother to stop her from calling the police. Tipping admits manslaughter but said he lost control while defending himself from his father and denies murder.

The trial continues.

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