Covid Quarantine Bus Crashes In China Killing 27 People

A bus in China transporting citizens to a Covid-19 quarantine facility has crashed, killing twenty-seven and injuring twenty. There is anger among residents who claim they are forced into quarantine facilities by the government.

China quarantine bus crash
The fatal crash took place in the Guizhou province in the early hours of Sunday morning

The crash took place in the south-western province of Guizhou when the coach overturned on a motorway.

The accident has caused public outcry as only two people have died as a result of Covid in Guizhou province since the pandemic began almost three years ago, leading many people to be critical of Beijing's "zero-Covid" policy.

The strict policy across China involves mass tracking and testing of citizens, with those who test positive and their close contacts being made to isolate at home or taken to a quarantine facility.

So far no official cause of the crash that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning has been confirmed.

Chinese regulations stipulate that passenger buses are not permitted to drive on the highway between the hours of 02:00 and 05:00. This incident took place at 02:40 local time, with the bus departing from its starting location just after midnight, indicating that the bus was in violation of the regulations.

The daughter of one of the dead took to social media to express her anger, saying that she could "not accept" her mother's death.

She added: "My mom stayed at home for half a month. She didn't go anywhere apart from going out for PCR tests... but she suddenly got taken to quarantine and died."

Another social media user described how they were one of dozens of passengers forced into a bus for 12 hours without being allowed to go to the bathroom, eat, open the windows, or turn on the air-conditioning until they arrived at the quarantine facility.

In Beijing, more than 21 million people are required to queue for PCR tests every three days to allow them to access public buildings and even convenience stores.

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