Crazy Coffins: The British Company Making Truly Unique Handmade Coffins & Urns

This company in the UK has put a whole new spin on the idea of manufacturing bespoke coffins, from yachts to trains, phone boxes to Sainsbury's lorries, Iron Man to Wicker Man, if you want to be buried in it, Crazy Coffins will make it for you.

Strange coffins
Iron Man coffin manufactured by Crazy Coffins in the UK

When it comes to death, most of us will someday make the decision of if we want to be buried or cremated, this thriving company in the UK has somewhat upped the ante when it comes to broadening the options available to us after we die. Crazy Coffins is based in Nottingham, UK, and specialises in making totally bespoke coffins and urns to whatever specification you want, if you want to be buried in a replica of your favourite car, you can, or if you want to be buried in a Viking longboat, you can! And people have been!

Tardis coffin
One UK customer requested that he be buried in his own bespoke Tardis, and that is exactly what he got

How Did Crazy Coffins Start?

"One day, a lady knocked on the door. This lady had a half-built coffin in the back of her van. It was in the form of an aeroplane fuselage. She asked us to finish it off. Other people got to hear about this and a trickle of orders came in. The Sun picked up the story and ran it across the whole of Page 3. The Sun used the term "Crazy Coffins". That's how the name Crazy Coffins was born."

Luggage Coffin
This coffin in the form of a traditional steamer trunk and is decorated with labels from places visited by the deceased

How Much Will A Crazy Coffin Cost You?

"It really depends on what the client wants. It's partly dependant on how quickly it's needed (if you want a piece quickly, it'll probably require lots of overtime working) and partly upon the complexity of the shapes that we have to create. A coffin shaped like a particular motorcar may set you back a considerable amount (ranging in the thousands of pounds), but a simplified football boot may only cost you several hundred pounds. The more elaborate and detailed the designs, the more it is likely to cost."

Rolls Royce coffin
A vintage Rolls Royce coffin which had the number plate THE BOSS

What Type Of People Buy A Crazy Coffin?

Young and old are now thinking about their funeral and how they want to be buried or cremated. How should they make their final journey and how should they celebrate their lives? Income does not determine the type of person that will buy a Crazy Coffin, however, lifestyle, hobbies, and interests might.

Skip coffin
A building contractor requested this skip to be his final resting place

All of Crazy Coffins products are made by hand and to your exact specification, we have to admit that this certainly adds some entertainment and lightens the usual somber decisions that are required upon someone's passing.

You can see the full gallery of their recently completed work at

Could you be tempted to invest in a customised coffin ready for your eventual demise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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