Crocodile Kills Indian Man Then Drags His Body Deep Into The River

A man was killed by a crocodile after falling into a river in India's Gujarat state, a video filmed by locals showed the reptile pulling the man's body deep into the water.

Imran Diwan, 30, was dragged to his death by the crocodile
Imran Diwan, 30, was dragged to his death by the crocodile

It took authorities hours of searching the river on Monday to find the remains of the victim, identified as Imran Diwan.

The 30-year-old was pulled deep into the water of the Dhadar river near Sokhdaraghu village, approximately 15km away from Vadodara city on Sunday afternoon.

A video filmed by locals at the river showed the crocodile swimming away and disappearing after pulling the body of Mr Diwan down into the river.

A search for the victim was launched by forest officials with assistance from the local administration.

Deputy conservator of forests, Ravirajsinh Rathod said that the victim's shoulders had been torn apart by the crocodile when they found it at around 10pm, however, he said it was not yet clear how he ended up in the river in the first place.

He said: "We are trying to find out how the victim ended up in the river, as locals witnessed the attack only after he was already inside the water."

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