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David Longden-Thurgood: Hampshire Police Officer Accused Of Rape "Wouldn't Take No For An Answer"

A court heard how David Longden-Thurgood, a long-serving Hampshire police officer told a woman he met on a dating app, that "it feels too good I can't stop now," while he raped her.

David Longden-Thurgood, 49, outside court during his rape trial.
David Longden-Thurgood, 49, outside court during his rape trial.

49-year-old David Longden-Thurgood has been a serving Hampshire police officer for 19 years. He now stands accused of not being willing to take "no for an answer" when he raped a businesswoman he met on a dating app at her home in October 2020.

The jury at Winchester Crown Court heard how the pair met on the Bumble app and sent each other sexual messages before agreeing to meet.

The woman claims that she had an element of trust in Mr Longden-Thurgood as he was a serving police officer and he had previously expressed his intent to protect her.

Rebecca Fairbairn, prosecuting, told the court how the woman had invited the police officer to her home and had participated in "mutual consensual sexual activity" which she was comfortable with.

They later went upstairs to watch TV on her bed, but the jury heard how she told him "no funny business".

Ms Fairbairn added that the woman had reiterated to Longden-Thurgood that "I don't want to have sex, we are not going to have sex".

The prosecutor told the court how the defendant replied: "Don't worry, we won't have sex," before "without warning", he penetrated her.

Ms Fairburn said: "She said again 'I do not want sex' but he then said words to the effect of 'it feels too good, I can't stop now'."

She added: "The defendant didn't think that the complainant had a right to agree to some sexual activity and not everything."

According to Ms Fairburn, the complainant told a friend that she had been with a man "who didn't take no for an answer".

The friend apparently asked her if she would be contacting the police, to which she replied: "He is the police."

Ms Fairbairn also read out messages from before the pair met including one the defendant sent saying: "I will shield you, I will protect you."

Mr Longden-Thurgood denies the charge of rape - the trial continues.

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