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Reality Of The Invasion, Dead Russian Soldiers & Murdered Ukrainian Civilians *Graphic Content*

Vladimir Putin is doing his best to convince his people that his soldiers are not being massacred and that his invasion is going to plan, these videos show otherwise, they also show the horrific loss of life that is being inflicted on Ukrainian citizens at the hands of the Russians. *GRAPHIC*

Casualties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Casualties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian Military Show Bodies Of Dead "Kadyrovites"

The Bodies Of Dead Russian Soldiers Litter Gostomol

33 Ukrainian Civilians Killed In Russian Shelling In Chernihiv

Although these videos are graphic and difficult to watch, we believe it is important that people see what is actually taking place currently in Ukraine.

Now you have watched these videos, take a look at The Civilians Killed By Vladimir Putin & The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine *GRAPHIC*