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Diego Barria: Remains Of Missing Man Found Inside Shark

The remains of an Argentinian man who went missing on February 18 while out riding his quad bike have been found inside the stomach of a shark. His family was able to identify his body due to a distinctive tattoo on his arm.

The remains of Diego Barria were discovered inside a nearly 5-foot shark.
The remains of Diego Barria were discovered inside a nearly 5-foot shark.

32-year-old Diego Barria was last seen riding his ATV near the coast of Argentina's southern Chubut province on 18 February.

Authorities launched a search for the missing father of three and on February 20, his damaged quad bike was found, but there was no sign of Mr Barria.

Two local fishermen contacted the coast guard on Sunday morning, reporting they had caught three school sharks close to where Mr Barria's ATV was found. They explained that human remains were found inside one of the sharks.

It remains a mystery how the missing man ended up being eaten by the nearly 5-foot shark.

Local police officer Daniela Millatruz, who is in charge of the investigation, said they believe the victim had an accident and got dragged by the tide, they are "investigating if there was another vehicle involved."

Authorities said there was a strong tidal surge the weekend that Mr Barria vanished.

Mr Barria was identified by his family "due to a tattoo that appeared in one of those remains."

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