Dognapping Gang Stab Pug Multiple Times During Attempted Theft

A one-year-old pug puppy was brutally stabbed multiple times during a violent attack by a dognapping gang in Dartford, England.

Sid, the pug puppy was stabbed several times during the attempted robbery
Sid, the pug puppy was stabbed several times during the attempted robbery

The pug, named Sid, was being walked by his owner Luke, and a friend, who was also walking his Shih Tzu puppy when they were approached by a group of three men in Darenth Country Park, Dartford, at approximately 1pm on Thursday.

The gang initially attempted to take the Shiz Tzu, but failed, before turning their attention to the pug. Sid suffered severe knife wounds, including an injury to his neck, he was rushed to the vets who said they were amazed that the puppy was still alive.

The attack happened on the first walk Luke had taken Sid on, after he and his partner Claire got the dog in March.

Claire said that the attack has made them anxious about walking the dog.

She said, "Luke called me straight after it happened and I just felt sick, I just didn't know what to do at all."

After the attack, Sid had to undergo emergency surgery at the vets.

Although Sid has survived the attack, Claire said the dog has not been the same as he was before, she said: "When he was back yesterday, he was very different, he wasn't himself at all. "He was anxious, even when I was trying to stroke him he would flinch.

"He wouldn't wag his tail or anything, he was just a completely different dog, but I don't know if that was due to the anaesthetic."

Kent police have launched an investigation and confirmed they received a report of attempted robbery. The suspects are described as being aged between 18 and 25.

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