Domestic Abuse Victim Found Dead On Train Tracks After Being Failed By Lancashire Police

A young mum from Lancashire, England, was found dead on train tracks after she was "let down" by the police who failed to protect her after several complaints of abuse.

Kiena Dawes, 23, tragically took her own life on 22 July
Kiena Dawes, 23, tragically took her own life on 22 July

23-year-old Kiena Dawes had left her nine-month-old daughter, Marnie, in the care of a close friend just hours before she was found dead on train tracks near Garstang, Lancashire, on Friday, 22 July.

The tragic event took place just 11 days after she was allegedly assaulted by a man who her family said the police should have protected her from.

Kiena's body was discovered on the train tracks after her family and friends had been searching for her locally. The victim's brother, 29-year-old Kynan, made a loving tribute to his "bubbly" sister, describing her as an "amazing young girl" who just wanted a "happy life".

Her grieving brother revealed horrific photos that showed Kiena bloodied and bruised following an alleged assault that had taken place after police had fitted panic alarms in her home. Kynan expressed his anger at the failings of the Lancashire Police Force and the way they responded to Kiena's alleged abuse. Lancashire Police said they had referred the incident to the police watchdog, The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) over their contact with Kiena prior to her death.

Her loving brother said that Kiena had reached out to police for help five weeks earlier, following allegations that she had been assaulted on several occasions.

Kiena's family released photo's showing the injuries she had suffered in the alleged attacks
Kiena's family released photo's showing the injuries she had suffered in the alleged attacks

He said she was given a special necklace with a button to press if she felt as though she was in danger and her home was fitted with panic alarms. This didn't stop her attacker from entering her home on July 11, before allegedly splitting her head open, leaving the 23-year-old completely traumatised. Kynan, a builder from Blackpool, said: "The police have let my sister down. They did not do enough. The head of CID is going to go through everything with a toothpick. "They're going to find out why nothing happened, and why it got to the point where she felt she wasn't being looked after by the service, which she should be, and decided to take her life. "She had panic alarms fitted in her house and a panic alarm fitted around her neck.

"My sister left a note before she killed herself, on her phone. The facts why she killed herself are stated in that note. In time, that may get shared but not now." He added: "The girl was very, very well loved. She never said a bad word about anybody. She just wanted to live a happy little life." Kynan said that when his sister attempted to bring her alleged attacker to court, the local police force should have done more to help her. He said: "The police have let my sister down, they have. She wanted to go through the legal route to get justice. "The girl is dead now, but it should have gone to CPS ages ago. She didn't want to live her life the way she was living, so she ended it."

Kiena was described as "bubbly, amazing girl"
Kiena was described as "bubbly, amazing girl"

A British Transport Police spokesperson confirmed that Kiena died on a train line, adding they were not treating the death as suspicious. They said: "British Transport Police were called to the line in Preston at 1.05 pm on Friday 22 July following reports of a casualty on the tracks. "Paramedics also attended, however, sadly a woman was pronounced dead at the scene. "The incident is not being treated as suspicious and a file will be prepared for the coroner."

Lancashire Police said: "First and foremost our thoughts are with Kiena's loved ones at this difficult time. "We have referred ourselves to the IOPC in relation to contact we had with Kiena before her death. "Therefore, it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time.

Police arrested a 28-year-old man from Fleetwood on suspicion of actual bodily harm, he has been released on bail pending inquiries.

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