Dozens Killed In The Philippines As Storm Nalgae Causes Landslides & Flooding

At least 45 people have been killed in the Philippines as tropical storm Nalgae sweeps across southern provinces causing huge floods and landslides.

A coastguard rescue in Hilongos, Leyte
A coastguard rescue in Hilongos, Leyte

Storm Nalgae unleashed the most destruction in Maguindanao province, on Mindanao island. Extensive flooding has occurred in and around the city of Cotabato.

The capital Manila is expected to be struck by torrential rain as Storm Nalgae sweeps north.

The storm winds are blowing at up to 95km/h as rescue teams have pulled dozens of bodies from underneath the thick mud following heavy landslides.

The Coast Guard is working to evacuate many people to local shelters while all ferry services, that people use daily to travel have been suspended.

Torrential rain started on Thursday with experts expecting the storm to reach its peak this weekend.

Schools have been closed and many major buses have been forced to stop operating.

On Saturday, officials quoted the death toll so far to 45, but this is likely to change.

Some areas have recorded their highest ever daily rainfall.

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