Drunk Driver Posted On Snapchat During 130mph Police Chase Before Crashing & Killing Himself

A drunk driver drove at 130mph during a police chase while posting on Snapchat telling his followers about the chase before losing control of the vehicle and killing himself.

Imran Sultan, 29, died from his injuries at the Royal Preston Hospital
Imran Sultan, 29, died from his injuries at the Royal Preston Hospital

29-year-old Imran Sultan, who did not have a driving licence, was driving erratically on the M65 on July 18 last year. Police noticed the driver when he was undertaking other vehicles in his Nissan X-Trail at speed and even using the hard shoulder.

Sultan, from Luton, England, left the motorway at the junction for the A56 and headed down Accrington Road in Hapton, near Burnley, with police chasing behind him.

During the police chase, Sultan posted a message on Snapchat telling his followers he was driving at 130mph with the police chasing him.

While attempting to evade the chasing officers, Sultan drove recklessly around a number of blind bends before losing control, mounting the pavement, crashing through a fence, and then hitting a tree.

He was rushed to the Royal Preston Hospital with severe injuries and was pronounced dead several hours later.

A female passenger who was with Sultan in the car at the time of the crash miraculously survived. The unnamed woman told police after the incident that before Sultan lost control of the vehicle he said "sorry" to her.

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