Drunk Russian Soldier Kills Two FSB Agents In Shootout In Occupied Kherson

A Moscow led investigation has confirmed that a serving Russian soldier shot dead two FSB officers in the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson after being caught drinking alcohol while in uniform.

Shootout between drunk Russian soldiers and FSB officers has been investigated by Moscow
The Shootout between drunk Russian soldiers and FSB officers has been investigated by Moscow

The discipline problems within the Russian military ranks has reared its head again, a drunk soldier shot dead two Russian security officers after a row broke out when the soldier was seen drinking while in uniform.

An inquiry carried out by the Russian military confirmed that four officers from the FSB, entered a cafe on June 19 in Kherson, a city that has been controlled by Russia since the start of the war.

The two FSB agents found two Russian officers drunk while in uniform, they were a sergeant and a junior sergeant.

An argument ensued after the FSB officers challenged the two men who were drinking. The sergeant drew his firearm and fired it into the ground, when the FSB officer attempted to grab it from him, the junior sergeant fired his Kalashnikov rifle at the men and the two FSB officers returned fire.

The incident report, which was sent to two Western analysts and was seen by Yahoo! News, confirmed that two FSB officers and the sergeant died of gunshot wounds. The junior sergeant and another FSB officer were taken to hospital.

This is one of many reports of drunk Russian forces showing poor discipline in the occupied city of Kherson. Local residents have said that Russian soldiers are often drunk by lunchtime and can be aggressive. There have been multiple accusations of theft and rape.

Most residents in Kherson have said they want to leave as since Russia occupied the city the economy is in dire straits and basic public services are failing. Russia has offered residents the opportunity to take up Russian passports but this has been rejected by the majority of the population.

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