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Einstein's Trip To Examine Roswell Crash: His Assistant Dr Shirley Wright Interview Confirming Visit

Dr Shirley Wright was the assistant to Albert Einstein, she made this stunning interview recording prior to her death where she tells the story of them both being flown to view alien bodies and crashed UFO debris following the Roswell incident.

In this 1993 taped confession that was never made public, Albert Einstein's assistant, Dr Shirley Wright claimed that in 1947 her and the professor were flown out to Roswell, New Mexico, by the United States Government and given the role of examining debris and bodies that resulted directly from a crashed extra terrestrial vehicle.

Dr Shirley Wright later earned 2 PhDs and was a academician at Florida university for almost 50 years.

As Dr Wright came into her twilight years, she said that she felt an obligation to the public as well as the history books to reveal the truth of what had happened during her experience of the 1947 Roswell incident.

She believed the best way for her to do this was to go on record and tell the story of how she and Einstein made the trip to examine the craft as well as the crew from another world in July of 1947.

Einstein was the most renowned theoretical physicist of the 20th century, he revolutionised the science of the astronomic and microcosmic levels. Einstein went on to prove the existence of atoms and molecules and showed the world that the fabric of the universe was made up of space-time.

Shirley Wright Alien Interview
Dr Shirley Wright is said to have gone everywhere with Professor Einstein at the time

Dr Shirley Wright's story was first told by the late UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield in his entries in his privately published 1990s "Status Report - UFO Crash Retrievals" monograph series.

Within the entry Stringfield had given Dr Wright the pseudonym "Edith Simpson" to ensure that her and her families identity was kept private, however, he did mention in his book the name of the researcher from Florida who met with Dr Wright to conduct the interview, a woman by the name of Sheila Franklin, who was an active member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Between Stringfield and Franklin they collaborated to document what Dr Wright had to say.

Both Franklin and Dr Wright had shared a mutual friend, it was through this friend that Franklin had discovered that Dr Wright had mentioned some details of how she and Einstein had made the trip to Roswell.

The unnamed friend made the arrangements for Dr Wright and Franklin to meet, Franklin recorded Dr Wright's Roswell testimony and then arrange to have a further meeting in Miami in November of 1993.

Dr Wright told Franklin that in 1947 she had was picked out of a number of gifted students to work for Professor Einstein during the summer of 1947. She had to go through extensive security and referencing check because of the sensitive position the job would place her in.

She said that Einstein had taken a professional liking to her and took her everywhere he went, she said that Einstein was "warm-hearted, sympathetic and friendly to all his students."

It was in July of the same year that the event transpired that would change her life forever, she had accompanied him to attend a "crisis conference", which took place at an army air base in the south west, other scientists and military personnel were in attendance.

When they arrived at the base they were taken to a heavily guarded hangar, it was there that Dr Wright and Albert Einstein quickly realised that they were dealing with something not from this world.

She described the craft stowed in the hangar. "It was disc-shaped, sort of concave. Its size stood up to one fourth of the hangar floor." The craft appeared in some way damaged on one side. She said that unfortunately she was not able to get close enough to see fine details as the craft was surrounded by guards, photographers and specialists that were studying it.

Dr Shirley Wright on Einstein and Aliens
Albert Einstein and Dr Wright were apparently sent to view a crashed UFO and alien bodies at Roswell

Wright said that "the body of the ship was what I would call today a rather reflective material but when you got up close to it, it was rather dull." She added, "they were very curious about what the materials were."

Franklin asked Wright what interested Einstein most? Wright replied, "Propulsion and more about the universe." She added, "He was not disturbed at all by seeing the actual evidence. I didn't record in my notes his initial comments but he said something to the effect that he was not surprised that they come to earth and that it gave him hope that we could learn more about the universe. Contact, he said, should be a benefit for both of our worlds."

Franklin wondered what Wright's personal reaction to the viewing had been. Wright replied, "My reaction was wonderment, half curiosity and maybe half fear."

A craft was not all that Dr Wright and Professor Einstein were shown.

Inside of the air base she told of how there were extra-terrestrial beings. She said of them, "Some of the specialists were allowed closer looks, including my boss. To me they all looked alike all five of them. They were about five feet tall, without hair, with big heads and enormous dark eyes, and their skin was grey with a slight greenish tinge, but for the most part their bodies were not exposed, being dressed in tight-fitting suits. But I heard they had no navels or genitalia."

Later in their stay, there was another leg to their trip. She and Einstein were escorted by jeeps about 50 miles through the desert to a lone, isolated building with guards at the door. Ushered into the building, they were greeted by an officer to an area where uniformed personnel and medical people were gathered around a gurney on which a creature was struggling in pain. It made unusual sounds, but never "spoke". Wright herself was kept at a distance, but described it as a greyish bipedal, perhaps a bit more human than the others she had seen previously. Its torso was grotesquely expanded. "It must have been a fresh case, but I was told nothing and before long all of us were dismissed from the premises." Wright told Franklin that later she had heard that the creature had survived.

Wright says that Einstein "who had the right clearance, made a report, which I didn't see. I was just told to keep my mouth shut." Though she was not made to sign any papers, she was reminded of her pledge to say nothing. Franklin recalls that Wright had mentioned that the Roswell trip would be denied, that there would be no written documentation of the trip and that any evidence of it having ever been made would be deleted. Wright had uneasy concerns that at certain times after the event, she may have had ‘tabs' kept on her in some way, including officials questioning people in her surroundings about her.

This is one of the most compelling cases we have ever looked into, Dr Wright certainly had nothing to gain from making up these allegations as she received no fame or no financial reward and these files were not made public until after her death.

We would love to hear of your opinions on this story in the comments below, after you have listened to the recordings make sure you check out the Phil Schneider interview on the Dulce Base.

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