Elephant Poaching Racket Dismantled As Suspected Kingpin Arrested In India

Indian authorities have closed the net on an elusive elephant poaching gang after arresting their suspected kingpin on Thursday. The arrest took place in Begunia, in the district of Odisha where police also discovered a large number of elephant tusks.

The suspected leader of an elephant poaching gang was arrested in India on Thursday
The suspected leader of an elephant poaching gang was arrested in India on Thursday

A Special Task Force made up of Khorda police and forest officials have allegedly uncovered an inter-state poaching racket involved in the killing of elephants with the arrest of the suspected kingpin.

The suspected gang leader, a resident of Anantapalli village, has been identified as Razak Khan. He was arrested by Begunia police on Thursday night. Khan is accused of killing more than a dozen elephants in Odisha and various other states, including Assam and Chhattisgarh.

The Special Task Force that had been tracking the notorious poaching kingpin seized a large number of tusks from his property when he was arrested.

Authorities claim that Razar was constantly moving around the country in an attempt to evade police detection.

Once in police custody and during interrogation, Razak confessed to killing 16 elephants in Odisha.

He has been handed over to the forest officials who are hoping his arrest will lead to uncovering more information about the elusive poaching racket that he was at the helm of.

Police are now hunting for 14 associates of Razak who are thought to have been involved in elephant poaching across the country.

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