Ex-British Soldier Dies After Shooting Himself In The Head At Gun Range In Thailand

A 36-year-old former British soldier has died after shooting himself in the head at a gun range in front of horrified staff and customers in Pattaya, Thailand.

British soldiers shoots himself in Thailand
The former British soldier shot himself in front of staff members and other customers

At around 11.30am this morning, the 36-year-old former British soldier arrived at a gun range in Pattaya and started by shooting 10 rounds at a paper target. Immediately after that, horrified members of staff watched as the ex squaddie who was known to them, put the gun to his right temple and pulled the trigger. Emergency services rushed to the scene and found the soldier in a pool of blood, but still alive and gasping for air.

He was quickly taken to a hospital in the Banglamung district but died from his injuries soon after.

Local police have been carrying out interviews with witnesses who were at the range at the same time as the incident as well as the staff who were working at the time. The deceased man was carrying an ID card that had "The British Army" printed on it and staff confirmed he had attended the shooting range around six times prior to the incident.

The manager of the range, Santat Senkhor, told reporters that: "I am still in shock after what happened. The British person was a regular customer who has been to the shooting range about five or six times. "Today, he rented two types of firearms, a short gun and a long gun, and bought 25 rounds of ammunition, which I didn't think was unusual. There were no signs of any abnormality and I served him as usual. "He fired a handgun, two sets of five shots each. At the start of the third set he hit the target twice, but then for the third shot he turned the muzzle to his temple. "He lowered his head and shot himself one time in the brain and fell to the ground. I called the police straight away."

Authorities checked the CCTV footage and discovered that the former soldier had been sitting alone by a pond at the entrance to the gun range for approximately 30 minutes before going inside.

Pacharak Suriya from the Huai Yai district police station in Chonburi province said: "Many witnesses had to be interrogated.

"The British man was taken to hospital and paramedics attempted to save his life.

"We now have to contact the relatives of the dead man to further deduce the true cause. There are also many witnesses to interview.

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