Fabian Vidar Cederholm: Student Who Murdered Two Teachers With An Axe Is Jailed For Life

Fabian Vidar Cederholm - the 18-year-old student who brutally killed two teachers at a Swedish high school with an axe has been sentenced to life behind bars.

Fabian Vidar Cederholm, 18, has been jailed for life
Fabian Vidar Cederholm, 18, has been jailed for life

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Fabian Vidar Cederholm was found guilty of two counts of murder. He was sentenced to life in prison - which in Sweden means he will serve a minimum of 20 to 25 years but could have his sentence extended further.

Cederholm carried out his brutal attack at the school in Malmo, Sweden's third-largest city, where he was a student. Sara Book and Victoria Edstrom - the two victims - were found dead on the third floor of Malmo Latin School - 10 minutes after officers were called to the scene.

The school has around 1,100 pupils, and many of them had gathered to work on a musical.

Students locked themselves inside classrooms in fear when the attacks took place.

Malmo District Court was told how Cederholm brutally murdered the teachers "by hacking them to death with an axe."

"These are two very brutal murders where the victims suffered severely", Judge Johan Kvart said in a statement.

Cederholm was arrested shortly after the murders took place on 21 March.

The killer had no previous criminal record and was not known to the police. The court stated that the motive for Fabian Vidar Cederholm carrying out the horrific attacks is not fully understood.

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