Finland Reveals Nuclear Bunker With The Capacity To House The Entire Population Of Helsinki

Finland has shown one of its remarkable networks of underground bunkers in Helsinki, big enough to fit the entire population of the city should disaster strike the country. It is said to be capable of withstanding both nuclear and gas attacks.

Finland Bomb Shelters
Finland has shown of its impressive underground bunker facilities

Finland has revealed this astonishing underground bunker that they say can withstand nuclear and gas attacks. This underground network of bunkers is big enough to hold the entire 630,000 population of its capital - and any visitors - in the event of a nuclear attack.

These images give an idea of how big the underground network actually is, the complex would allow Finns to survive for months under the surface of Helsinki.

Finland Nuclear Bunkers
Almost 200 miles of tunnels stretch underneath the surface

The pictures show off some of the long tunnels and even a giant indoor sports hall.

Finland has been investing in the preparation for disaster for decades and has a network of 10 million square metres underground, spanning almost 200 miles in just under 500 separate bunkers.

Nuclear bunker Finland
Finland has claimed its residents could survive for months in the bunkers

Preparedness instructor Varautumisen Opettaja told the Daily Mail: "This door can take a blast of up to six bars of pressure, so even a nuclear bomb won't break it.

"The second door is gas and chemical proof, so there could be bombs dropping above and yet children happily playing down here below."

Underground Nuclear Bunker Finland
Russia has recently issued threats to Finland, warning them against joining NATO

In the event of an attack, residents of the country would be instructed to make their way to the discreet entrances situated on the streets.

These photos have been released as both Finland and Sweden pursue their efforts to join NATO.

Russia has recently made threats towards both Sweden and Finland, promising consequences if either country was to join NATO.

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